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Who We Are

Leatherjet was established in 2000 with the object of developing the tanning ostriches skins. Thanks to constant investigation, we have gained experience that has enable us to obtain high quality skins, not only form the ostriches, but also from species of an exotic nature such us the python, boar, caiman, lizard and snakes.

For this reason we have a continuous export of product throughout the year. Leatherjet has thru the years gained experience and knowledge in finishing all different types of skins. Ostrich, Caiman, Python, Lizard and Cobra.

Our continuous research and development has been a key to the company’s success. Our state-of-the art production techniques have helped to produce the best leather possible. Thus helping meet the demands of our customer both domestic and international. Here at Leatherjet we are aware of the highly delicate balance of nature, therefore we work closely with all government organizations in the export of skins.

We adhere to all rules and regulations regarding these exports. We comply fully with all “Cites” acts Convention for the International Treaty of Endangered Species We are honored to be able to present our product to you and the world.

Contact us and let us know your requirements and we will find the wholesale skins, colors and finishing that you need.

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